Chapter Advisors

Our chapters at the University of New Mexico are required to have a chapter advisor. Many often have a faculty advisor as well. In requiring chapter advisors, the University expects that they will take an active role in the organization by guiding, advising, and supporting the chapter and its officers. The nature and style of that role is left to the determination of the organization and its advisor.

The chapter advisor should be skilled in organizational and leadership development and be willing to devote a significant amount of time to the chapter. Additionally, it is important that they be proficient in their (inter)national organization's policies and interpretation of those policies. It is through committed alumni/ae support that chapters achieve their greatest success.

A chapter may choose to have one advisor or a team of advisors to fulfill the duties listed below.

The University's expectations of a Chapter Advisor and advisory team include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Working with the chapter officers to:
    1.  Integrate fraternity mission and goals.
    2. Create a relationship with their inter/national/regional organization through attendance at leadership conferences and utilizing available resources.
  • Supervising the chapter’s affairs as they relate to the organization, the campus, and the community.
  • Maintain visibility in the organization’s community by regularly visiting the chapter, interacting with members, and attending chapter programs and meetings.
  • Meeting regularly (at least monthly) with the chapter leadership and meeting with members upon request.
  • Ensuring that an effective and timely officer transition occurs.
  • Serving as a resource for planning events and programs, resolving issues confronting the group, and educating new members.
  • Educating the chapter about (inter)national policies, state and local laws, and the chapter code of conduct.
  • Working with the scholarship officer to implement a comprehensive scholarship plan and create an environment that supports academic success.
  • Ensuring that individual behavior is addressed through a chapter standards board that empowers members to hold each other accountable for their actions consistent with the values of the organization and University.
  • Involvement in any situation that includes allegations of sexual misconduct or other egregious behavior.
  • Attending meetings of the chapter advisors when requested by the Student Activities Center (Quarterly).
  • Working in partnership with University staff and (inter)national headquarters to foster a positive fraternity experience for the undergraduate members.
  • Assisting the chapter officers in developing a membership recruitment and retention plan with the goal of total house occupancy.
  • Help maintain a positive and safe learning environment for all members of the organization and those who interact with the community.