Including the organization’s philanthropic, social, and recreational functions, group meetings, study hours, service events, and more, members contribute four to eight hours per week to the Greek community. Some organizations require more time than others -- ask questions regarding time commitments during the formal and informal recruitment programs.

Students and advisory boards set the dues for each fraternal organization, incorporating national fees and liability insurance. Dues for all chapters cover operational expenses, philanthropic endeavors, intramural sports, insurance, academic incentives, social programs, and parent and alumni/ae functions. They also fund leadership training, retreat costs, and sponsorship of members to attend national leadership conferences. Membership dues are not permitted to go toward the purchase of alcohol or other illegal activities.

Yes, but not directly. At the beginning of the semester, after all expenses on your student’s bursars account have been paid, there may be a refund check available. The refund can be used to cover the cost of any other educational expenses, books, extra room and board, or other educational costs.

Because each sorority and fraternity is an affiliate of the University, they process billing for all chapter related expenses separately from the University bursars system. Your bills will be paid directly to the chapter and any refund or extra costs that you may receive from financial aid or scholarship should be applied to your other educational expenses, i.e. fraternity and sorority costs. The student will be responsible to apply these, as the University is unable to apply any remaining financial aid to the sorority or fraternity expenses.

There are opportunities for parent and family involvement in many chapters, ranging from parent’s clubs and small support organizations, to parent’s days and meal dates.

The University of New Mexico encourages family members to be supportive of their student’s decision to join any chapter. When it comes to making a commitment to an organization, the most critical portion is a connection and a sense of belonging. Fraternity and sorority culture in a chapter can change from decade to decade, it is important to be supportive of the organization your student chooses to join.

No. In fact more of our organizations do not have a chapter facility, than those that do.

This will vary by organization. Some chapters will require a member to live-in for a minimum of one year, while other organizations may not have the capacity to allow all members to live-in the chapter house.