Prospective Members

Many in-state students seek to branch out from or expand upon their high school friendships. Students who are from Albuquerque frequently get involved with Fraternity and Sorority Life because it offers a unique experience that will differentiate their high school experience in New Mexico from the UNM experience.

Being born and raised in Albuquerque presented some challenges when coming to UNM. I was scared that it would be a repeat of my high school career; the same friends, hobbies, and daily activities. Joining Greek Life allowed me to spread my wings and be the individual I needed to be when entering college. I was able to still remain close with those I grew up with, but I also had the opportunity to meet some of my best friends who grew up in different states across the country. Greek Life opens doors to meet some of the most involved, active, and wonderful people on this campus, and it helped me branch out and become the strong, confident woman I am today - Jenna Haggengruber Junior, Alpha Chi Omega

Students who come to UNM from out-of-state or another country are eager to make new connections. Making friends in a new place can be stressful, but membership in a fraternity or sorority can make that process easier. Greek Life encourages their members to branch out on campus by facilitating interactions with different people both in and out of the organization.

Going to school out of state was so hard since I didn't know anyone coming to UNM. Going Greek gave me the sense of home at a time when I was thinking about transferring back home. I don't want to imagine what my collegiate experience would be like without the Greek community. - Tyler Wafer, Junior, Alpha Tau Omega

Don’t let being a student athlete discourage you from considering Fraternity and Sorority Life. We understand that you have a lot of commitments to the University, but being a part of the fraternity and sorority community can offer balance from the rigors of practice. Chapters understand your various commitments and will work with you to accommodate your team, the university, and your future Greek Life home.

“It’s definitely a lot to handle, but it has also helped me balance my life. I just try to be the best sorority sister I can be and the best athlete I can be and enjoy all that the university has to offer.” - Laura DeMers, a red shirt freshman