LatoyaI'm an Alumnae of West Mesa High School. As a high school student, I was fairly involved in sports and other organizations and felt that my experience was the kind that any teenager should have. I had good grades, I was school spirited, and got along with everyone. I thought those days were the best times of my life. Spontaneous late night adventures, early morning breakfast with my friends, going crazy at the assemblies and going to the football games. It was perfect!

At first, I didn’t think a sorority was for me. Fortunately, after a few years at CNM and not being very involved, I decided to research the sororities. I eventually became a sister of my organization and have found myself happy with this decision.

Now, going to sporting events and on random outings with my sisters is something that I love. I'm the president of my sorority for a second term, in the Greek Life Honor Society: Order of Omega, and the Philanthropy Chair for our Annual Greek Week events. My leadership skills have improved and the people I have networked with are remarkable. Being in a lifelong sisterhood is a beautiful experience. We participate in community service, we fundraise, we go to informal and formal events, we make friends from all walks of life, and sometimes encounter situations where we realize our own strengths, our purposes, and what it is to be authentically empathetic. Being a New Mexican native and a part of a school where my culture is celebrated along with other cultures and racial backgrounds is something that isn't easy to find. My experiences with being a woman who is Albuquerque born, an APS graduate, and now a UNM Lobo vary, but the one thing that remains constant is that I am proud to be in my sorority as well as the other organizations I am in. I am better because of them, I am grateful for the relationships I have made and the opportunities I have been given while being in Greek Life and at UNM. – Latoya Lozoya, Senior, Theta Nu Xi

JennaBeing born and raised in Albuquerque presented some challenges when coming to UNM. I was scared that it would be a repeat of my high school career; the same friends, hobbies, and daily activities. Joining Greek Life allowed me to spread my wings and be the individual I needed to be when entering college. I was able to still remain close with those I grew up with, but I also had the opportunity to meet some of my best friends who grew up in different states across the country. Greek Life opens doors to meet some of the most involved, active, and wonderful people on this campus, and it helped me branch out and become the strong, confident woman I am today – Jenna Haggengruber Junior, Alpha Chi Omega

no-photoAs a member of a fraternity at the University of New Mexico, I have had the true college experience. A fraternity is an organization that will help mold you into a better individual, and speaking from personal experience, a better student. The fraternities at the University of New Mexico really push for scholarship, as well as philanthropy and giving back to our community. Being a member of a fraternity helped me meet so many different people, both in and out of the organization; I now have relationships that will last a lifetime. – Nico Attencio, Sigma Chi, Senior

TylerGoing to school out of state was so hard since I didn't know anyone coming to UNM. Going Greek gave me the sense of home at a time when I was thinking about transferring back home. I don't want to imagine what my collegiate experience would be like without the Greek community. – Tyler Wafer, Junior, Alpha Tau Omega

Sophie"I came to the University of New Mexico from Las Vegas, Nevada not knowing one person. It was a scary, lonely time. I decided to go through sorority recruitment Spring semester of my freshman year. I vividly recall visiting a chapter and one of the sorority members asked if I missed my family -- I said yes. She told me not to worry because once I join a sorority that feeling will go away. I did not believe her, but she was right. Once I joined my sorority, I was welcomed into a loving family of sisters that were always there for me. I can count on every one of them, no matter what. There is a deep love and connection that is truly irreplaceable. Joining Greek Life was the best decision I ever made." – Sophie Salcedo, Senior, Chi Omega

KaitlyinI can't imagine college without Pi Phi. My sisters truly are my sisters; they became my family when mine is so far away. Joining a sorority allowed me to meet so many people and it opened the doors to all the opportunities I have had. I would not have accomplished what I have at UNM or become the woman I am today if it were not for the wisdom, guidance, and support of my sisters and our alumni. Pi Phi is the reason I have stayed out of state and loved college so much. – Kaitlyin Loafman, Junior, Pi Beta Phi

Laura“It’s definitely a lot to handle, but it has also helped me balance my life. I just try to be the best sorority sister I can be and the best athlete I can be and enjoy all that the university has to offer.” – Laura DeMers, a red shirt freshman