IFC Recruitment

There is no financial cost to participate in the IFC recruitment process. Fees are incurred once membership begins. Ask the organization for details on their cost for pledgeship.

MGC Recruitment and Intake

There is a cost to participate in any MGC recruitment process but may differ from chapter to chapter. Ask the organization for details on their cost for intake but the range is from $900 to $1,500. The New Membership Fees are typically higher then go down through your activation of that organization.

Formal Panhellenic Recruitment

The cost to participate in formal Panhellenic sorority Recruitment is $25.00. This cost includes snacks, shuttle transportation, and a parking pass for all four days. Our goal is to facilitate a sorority recruitment process that is inexpensive, fun, and accessible for every student. 

Panhellenic Open (Informal) Recruitment

There is no cost to participate in Panhellenic Open Recruitment. (Different from Panhellenic Formal recruitment.) While there is no cost to participate, Open Recruitment is optional for chapters, and may not occur each year. For more information, please contact us at