Conduct Statement/Programming


Physical and mental hazing is banned by the university, the international fraternal organizations, and by the laws of the state of New Mexico. The University of New Mexico has a zero-tolerance policy for hazing. Fortunately, fraternities and sororities at UNM recognize that hazing has no place in their organizations, and will not be tolerated at the University of New Mexico.

Substance Abuse

The social aspect of UNM Greek Life is one of the primary reasons that students get involved in fraternities and sororities; however alcohol and substance abuse is not tolerated. Most organizations conduct mandatory educational sessions regarding the dangers of substance abuse. UNM is committed to values that are contrary to inappropriate and dangerous behavior. The fraternity and sorority community has and will continue to be a supportive environment for its members to challenge and support students in making good choices, particularly when it comes to the social aspects of collegiate life.