(Inter)national Staff

Staff Commitment Statement

At the University of New Mexico, we are committed to the development of students through the fraternity and sorority experience. We challenge students to grow in their understanding of personal and organizational values and their understanding of individual and cultural differences. In addition, we help students attain academic success, and promote a lifelong pursuit of learning both in- and outside the classroom. We are committed to helping members find meaning in their student experience.

Ultimately, we believe that the sorority and fraternity community promotes a safe and fun environment for students to develop. At the University of New Mexico, we are committed to helping our students advance the fraternal movement, shaping the identity of the students who participate and the impact they have on the globalized world.

Visiting UNM’s Campus

Want to schedule a visit at the University of New Mexico with our staff? 

We encourage you to email our staff:
Chris Brooks - brooksc@unm.edu 

Patricia Lott - plott26@unm.edu

Points of interest on the map:

  1. UNM Welcome Center and Cornell Parking Structure- Use this parking structure when visiting the SUB.
  2. UNM Bookstore
  3. Popejoy Hall
  4. UNM Johnson Center - Recreation Facility
  5. UNM Student Health Center
  6. New Mexico Student Union Building

Fast Facts About Campus

The University of New Mexico is a dry campus, which includes chapter house properties.

We urge organizations wanting to host alcoholic events to do so at a liquor-licensed third party establishment.