Benefits (Why Join)

Sorority and fraternity membership at the University has nearly doubled over the last 5 years. Students find that participation in a Greek organization has incredible benefits that fulfill unmet needs as a college student.

Joining a sorority or fraternity creates opportunities for meaningful connections. These lasting friendships provide a family away from home and a solid university community.

Grades- Fraternity and sorority members on average attain higher GPAs then their non-Greek counter parts. This is true both nationally and at the University of New Mexico.

Faster Graduation- On average, fraternity and sorority members are more likely to graduate in four years than non-Greek students.

Sorority and fraternity members are active on campus. With over 65% of fraternity and sorority members active in at least one additional on-campus activity, they understand how to form relationships, sustain commitments and create a vibrant university community.

As a member of a fraternity or sorority, students are granted access to a network of successful and connected individuals. Membership can allow students to interact with alumni who have been through similar experiences and have succeeded in similar career fields. Connections occur not only within Albuquerque, but also nationally and internationally.

Within the fraternity and sorority community, you have the opportunity to create a legacy that will be passed down to future students. Greek Life gives students a vision and the guidance to determine a legacy that helps to find meaning during and after college. 

The Greek social life helps to create a more fulfilling experience while at college by providing a wide variety of experiences. Sororities and fraternities can offer a family atmosphere that exceeds ordinary friendships - often lasting a lifetime.

Research regarding sororities and fraternities found that members report higher levels of personal gains as a result of their collegiate experience, including in critical areas valued by professionals and potential employers.

  • Leadership- The fraternity and sorority experience is rich with opportunities to practice everyday leadership. Members are granted the opportunity to hold offices and leadership positions while fine tuning the following skills:
    • Budgeting
    • Personnel Issues
    • Event Planning
    • Accountability
    • Communication
    • Diverse Constituency
    • Leading Teams
    • Time Management
  • Democratic Engagement- Students involved on campus are more likely to be engaged in the local community. Fraternity and sorority students demonstrate a vested interest in university policy and student issues. They accomplish this through active roles in the student government and in various roles and positions throughout campus.
  • Commitment to Philanthropy, Service, and University Pride- In 2014, the Greek community raised $5,793,394.84 and spent 977,567 hours engaged in community service. If you value giving back to others, Greek Life is an avenue for you to explore. If you are looking to get involved in community service, Fraternity and Sorority Life can be a tremendous launching point.
  • Better Perceptions of Campus Environment- Sorority and fraternity members have reported higher levels of satisfaction with the campus environment, as well as with their collegiate experience than non-Greek students. They also have shown to be more committed to the university in their post-collegiate lives.